Putting passion in your marriage Putting passion in your marriage
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Putting passion in your marriage

"Happily ever after","til death do us part", "endless love"-these are all phrases we recognize and can probably relate to in our marriage relationship. But what do they all mean? Read them again. All of these phrases refer to one thing- a long, long, long life together. As newlyweds we feel giddy, excited, passionate, so in love, romantic and turned on by one another, constantly. But what happens after 5 years? After 10, 20, 30 years? Well, some may say, it gets boring and stale. Some may say it always gets old or everyone ends up in adultery or divorce. This is just not true. Most people who are married WANT to be, but they don't always know how to keep the home fires burning. Perhaps the fire has dwindled down to simply smoldering or even ashes, but any marriage can return to a blazing hot fire in no time. Here are some suggestions:

Be romantic. That's easy said, but what does it mean? It can mean a lot of things. Mostly it means keep your partner in mind first and foremost. Think of his/her needs above your own. This will always lead to romantic gestures because putting your spouse's needs before your's causes thoughtfulness.

Use your imagination. Being romantic means kissing hello and goodbye every day, saying I love you often, lots of hugs, leaving love notes in his briefcase or on the bathroom mirror, drawing him/her a bubble bath, taking a bubble bath by candel light with him! Surprising him/her with coffee or breakfast in bed, bringing home flowers, writing a love poem about him/her and reading it to them, just sweet little things that say, "I care". Buy him something special for no reason.

Another big way to heat things up is in the bedroom. First of all, talk about it. Talk about sex?! Not just about sex, about YOUR sex! It may feel awkward at first, but it is very exciting and it makes you feel closer and want each other even more, plus when you know what the other likes, dislikes and wants, you can meet each others' needs better. And don't just talk, listen to one another. Dump the criticisms and (oh my, dare I say it...) name calling. "I told you so's" are OUT!

Date your spouse. You might say, "What do you mean, date my spouse? I'm married to him/her." Setting dates with your spouse will keep you feeling young and excited again.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its easy to get lost in the jungle of life. If you want to relight the romance in you marriage, follow some of these suggestions, and your marriage will be on its way to a heatwave!

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