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Make Her Your Leading Lady
Arrange for a local movie theater to play a video tape of you before the feature, telling her how much she means to you and asking if she’ll marry you. In front of hundreds of adoring fans, present her with the diamond.

The Fortune of a Lifetime
Steam a fortune cookie until it’s malleable. Open the cookie, place the ring inside with a note telling her how she’ll be loved by you forever.

Time Capsule of Love
Make a box of “sort-of-real” mementos of all your best dates. For example, a swizzle stick, a movie stub, etc. At the bottom of the box place the engagement ring.

Summer Lovin’
Take her for a long walk on the beach. With the help of a good friend, have a special area set up with flowers, champagne, a few pieces from a small orchestra and a proposal written in the sand. You can tuck the ring into your swim trunks to keep it a surprise (just don’t go for a dip before you pop the question).

A Real Page Turner
Scan the cover of a romance novel into your computer and superimpose your pictures. Cut out a hole in the book and put the diamond ring in it.

Cosmic Commute
Buy some ad space on signs on her route to work and on each one ask her if she’ll marry you. Be waiting for her in her parking space where she works with flowers, a ring and a good excuse for her to call in sick that day.

Masterpiece of Romance
Ask a local museum if they would put the ring on display with a display card reading that this was the very ring used by you on that particular day to ask her to be your bride.

A Buried Treasure
Take her snorkeling and discover the ring while the two of you are looking at the coral.

It’s All in the Cards
Bring her to get her tarot cards read. And ask the reader to include seeing a diamond ring in the cards. That would be your cue to present her with the ring.

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