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Is platinum the same as white gold?

On the contrary. To create white gold, yellow gold is alloyed with copper and silver along with small amounts of nickel and zinc to achieve a white look. As a result, it doesn't have the same purity, strength, durability, rarity or the natural white luminescence of platinum. White gold is cheaper. And the same color as platinum.

What's the difference?

Look closer. Yes, they're both white, but quite different. While the white gold often has a faint yellow tinge, platinum is whiter. And its luminescence makes all the difference. Now feel it. Platinum weighs 60% more than 14k gold. This is a huge difference, even with 2mm wedding bands. And an incomparably beautiful one.

Are platinum and white gold similar metals?

No, it is quite different. To create white gold, yellow gold is alloyed with other metals to achieve a white look. However, it does not have the same purity, strength, rarity, durability or natural white color as platinum.

How should I clean my platinum jewelry?

With the same care you clean other fine jewelry. Use a pre-packed jewelry cleaner or have your jeweler do it. As with all precious jewelry, store with care, separating pieces with soft cloth.

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