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Candles - Meanings of Color

The colors of candles have a long history. People for centuries have burned different colors of candles to attract desired emotions, material wealth, or karma.

Black: absorbs negativity, repelling, binding, banishing
associated with Saturday, Saturn

Blue: harmony and tranquility
associated with Friday, Venus

Light Blue associated with Monday, Moon
Dark Blue associated Saturday, Saturn, Aquarius
Royal Blue associated with Thursday, Jupiter, Pisces
Blue, light: devotion

Brown: earth and materialistic thoughts
associated with Friday, Venus

Tans: associated with Monday, Moon
Dark Brown: associated with Saturday, Saturn, Capricorn
Light Brown: associated with Libra

Green: prosperity, luck, stability, endurance and social stability
associated with Wednesday, Mercury, Gemini
associated with gardening/growth/Friday/Venus

Orange: strength, authority, bravery, and charm
associated with stamina/Sunday/Sun, mental action/Tuesday/Mars, physical/Wednesday/Mars, Leo

Peach: secret desires

Pink: emotional love and friendship, nurturing
associated with Friday, Venus, Taurus

Pink, Dark: thankfulness
Pink, Light: grace and joy

Purple: psychic power, increase perceptions and healing
associated with Thursday, Jupiter, Sagittarius

Red: true love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, warmth, stimulate blood flow
associated with Tuesday, Mars, Scorpio, Aries

Violet: nobility, spiritual aspiration, honor, spirituality and self-esteem
Violet, light: enchantment

White: protection, peace and truth, purity
associated with Monday, Cancer

Yellow: wisdom and intellect, breaking mental blocks
associated with Wednesday, Mercury, Virgo

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