Yes, I do have to admit that I'm a kinda shy 19 y/old.

Basically, I never really did well with women in grade school, even though I did try. They always turned me down.

Now in my college life, I seem to be getting noticed by girls, yet every one that seems to notice me, ends up having a boyfriend.

Also, when I go to public places, with some girl friends of mine, they always claim that girls are always looking at me and smiling, yet any time I decide to flirt back, they always seem to not notice me or if they do, not even appear to care.

I don't generally have a hard time talking to girls, especially in college, but I'm not joking, every single one always ends up having a boyfriend, plus I know they aren't lying because I will eventually see them with their boyfriends. This has had to of happened at least 10 times (in a row) now, I'm actually serious. It's like the second I look at a girl, I'm curious about, she's taken. I never ever seem to pick out the non-taken ones.

I'm not really looking to be with 25+ girls, just find a real nice girl, who really does truely care about me, and vice-versa. Not an overnighter kinda girl.

I mean, I know people just tell me to continue looking at that I will find somebody, but sometimes I just get down, because I see so many other guys, with girlfriends, and not to be rude, but often it seems to be the type, that you think, why the hell would any girl want to be with a guy that acts like that? Most other guys like me, even though I'm not a doormat really, always tend to be single. The criminal type, always seem to have some girl(s), clinging on to them.

I mean, I love getting attention from girls, but it sucks if all they do is look, then when you try to ask them out or at least flirt, they just seem to ignore you or throw you down.

Am I actually do things wrong or is it just a teen thing that I'm just going through?

I mean, I just don't exactly see why I'm appearing so noticed and "checked-out", yet if I try to go for any girl, she's always taken or says no. Plus the girls that did like me or say "yes", were always the girls I was not attracted to. Also, if the girl that I was interested in, didn't have a boyfriend, she at least seemed to like that punk/criminal type of guy, that I just wasn't.

Is the fact that I'm looking for a real relationship at 19, really a determining factor? I mean many people tell me I will not really find a real relationship at 19, because most teens are not ready for one then and wish to be free and mainly have sex-only-ships, not relationships.

Anyway, before this really becomes a book, I'm going to end it now. LoL