I realized I have a problem with falling for girls too quick. How do other men do it ? They have sex with girls without the feelings. I'm 22.. i should be like that but i just can't seem to psychologically accomplish it.

I'm talkin to this girl right now from school. We talk everyday and we both like each other but I don't think its going to get anywhere because shes reallyr eally into partying and i'm not. I mean i'll go to parties but not religiously like her. I want to be able to still be with her but not keep waiting for her text message or phone call. How the hell do u GUYS do it ?!?! I'm a one woman kind of guy but i need to break out of it !

helppp ! any tips ? Should i just start acting like a jerk and be mean to her ?
So maybe then she'll like me more and want to be my girlfriend ?