One of my colleagues who I've worked with for the last 15 years or so has in the last 6months or so become a bit touchy/feely with me..If he's passing he'll pat me on the arm or leg etc..then the other day another colleague and I were reading the same newspaper and he stood between us and nudged me with his elbow and i nudged him back..he then told our other colleague to disappear for a while so he and I could continue our flirtations in private (and I could feel myself blushing like hell!)..then later I was checking something on a computer and he pulled a chair up next to mine, but because I can't help but blush I told him the pc was all his as I was finished with it...and then yesterday I was serving a customer and he kind of was next to me and helping me serve and laid his hand on my arm (but it was kind of in a fist???) and left it there for approx 10 secs....I dunno, but it just seems like he likes to touch me at every opportunity and I just wonder, do you think he might be interested??? I hope so, cos I sure as hell am interested in him