I had a friend here, that I didn't have a chance to encounter that much while she was here. We'd see each other off and on.. But never really had a chance to have an intimate conversation. We might have been interested in each other, but I'm not sure about her side. I knew I was damn near in love. I even wrote her a poem saying how I felt good about her and I knew she made other people feel the same, you know, a real short poem. She said she cried after she read it; so she may or may not have known that I liked her. Anyway, she graduated college here and she had to go back to Japan. I wasn't expecting to ever here from her again. But she called me all the way from Japan just to say hi and to see how I was doing. Maybe she was interested when she was here or she is just being nice. I'm trying not to interpret the phone call in the wrong way. Too bad I missed her call, she left a message.