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Thread: would a girl?

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    would a girl?

    Alright, so I've had a crush on this girl since forever. we alomst got together many many years ago. But everytime I see her, we have a great time and she always suggests that we'll have to hang out or do something.

    However, she then always pulls back and never replies to my texts and i'm always the one iniciating contact whenever our paths cross.

    There are tons of signs that she probably really wants me (like her friend who i'd never seen before referred to me as "ah, that guy" after she explained to her how everyone said she was stupid for breaking up with me. Or "sorta" holding hands, dancing real close, bringing up stuff from the past that even i could barely remember and so forth..

    I saw her at a party the other night and again we were having a lot of fun. Somehow it came up that she advised us "guys" to just take a girl if we like one, and to take charge. I couldn't believe what i was hearing and i pretty much just looked at her and said "alright, then let's go!" and we danced.

    She then had to leave bla bla..

    But here comes the twist:

    A few days later i texted her and challenged her to an eating comptetion (she said she could eat as much as she wanted to..). No reply. So i decided i had to man up and call her which i did. She was like: "uhm, yeah, we could do that sometime, but i'm really busy the next to weeks".

    I don't really expect to hear from her, but i somehow still have the feeling that she is interested and i don't want to waste that oportunity.

    Do you think she would act so differntly when i see her than what she really thinks? How closely should i follow her own advice to take charge and push her a little bit and keep calling her? Oh, and often times she is drunk when i see her, but not always ;-)

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    Re :

    I don't understand What are you really want to say.

    So please clear with your thoughts.So, We understand you easily

    And may provide some better help to you.

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    She is running on you the PNP ( positive - negative -positive hooking) in order to keep you as orbiter.

    The PNP is done like this:

    Positive: she says/does something you interpret as a sign of interest

    Negative: when you respond to it she withdraws

    Positive: when she notices she is losing control over you she gives a positive signal again

    In this way she has you addicted to her and manages in keeping you as orbiter in her social circle.

    And why she does that? I tell you.

    One important thing you need to understand as a guy is that along history females have been much more dependent for survival from social circle.

    100-200 years ago a pregnant woman without the support of men and social circle would have had her life at stake.

    So she is instinctively having you hooked to her as a social contact. Females feel that as many social contact as possible = survival.

    If you want to know what to do to this: when a female tries to game to have you as orbiter like she is doing then touch her sexually. A hand on her shoulder, touching her fingers or maybe kissing her will have her game displayed.
    Cheers, Franco


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