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Thread: Any advice to offer?

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    Question Any advice to offer?

    Hi there lots of useful info here!

    I'm mainly some advice about this girl at work. I'm 23 and she is probably older (maybe 27 ish). I say probably because she's one of those that seem older but doesn't look it although you can just tell - maybe through confidence or the way people treat her.

    I have talked with her before (not much just the odd minute here and there) and I find her great - hilarious at times - so I want to see where this could go. She might already know that I like her but maybe that's just in my head because I don't think I have done anything to suggest I'm interested - except a big (uncontrolled) grin just as she was walking past me lol.

    She always says "hi" when I see her and seems to go out of her way to help me (like opening doors when I've got a tray full of hot drinks etc etc..)

    Too bad she's only in the office 2-3 days a week. I make small talk with the people she works with so I think I've made a good impression.

    I have some concerns...

    1) If she's married or has a bf, I don't want to mess things up and end up feeling like a fool. You know what gossip is like in offices. I've been burnt before doing this so I'm a little more cautious this time.

    2) The age gap doesn't bother me but what about her?

    3) Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick?

    I'm thinking I just play it cool for the time being and try to get to talk to her more when I have the chance - so she can see what a great guy I am. Would this be a good idea or have you any other advice? What should I focus on?

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    your stick!


    3) Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick?


    yeah play it cool and make sure she gets the right end of your stick!
    but playing cool too long sort of freezes things between you and her. you remind me of this girl i was madly love with in india. i was 20, she 26. i was doomed from the beginning. i could give some good advice depending on which country you're in. in the mean time you can have a look at this insider's guide that i'm writing about living and getting laid in france, you might learn some stuff there:


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