I met a girl in class. Spoke to her a couple times and held a reasonabley long conversation. After a couple of meetings I asked for her phone number. Called it a week later, she didn't pick up or reply back.

So the other day I spoke to this girl AGAIN at school. She immediately apologized for not calling me back saying shes having "family problems" at home. I said its koo don't worry about it. Again we had a fantastic conversation about movies and music. She and I share the same taste in both category's. I told her I'll see her next week after a long eye contact, and she smiled and said the same reply.

ToDAY she smiled at me in class, but i didn't feel the need to talk to her after class. So i didn't and went home. I want to call her but I've already tried that, she didn't pick up and didn't call back. This girl is an Ideal girlfriend. But I can't seem to get her to call me.

Clue less... help. 2 weeks left in school... should i keep talking to her in person to build up repor?