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Thread: I am very stressed out over this, plz help !

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    Thumbs down I am very stressed out over this, plz help !

    Hello . I'm sure many of you are familiar with my girl problems from previous posts and how it seems like every girl i like ends up not liking me. The previous 3 girls this year seemed to have shown interest but then all of a sudden it just goes stale. Its like a bad dream i cannot wake from.

    Putting my unsuccesful past behind me allow me to introduce my physique. I have 5'7" 138lbs in very fit physical shape. I own two very nice sports cars and a very y motorcycle. I have a good job and am currently attending school. My confidence before this year was high. My self-image wasn't exactly imaculant but it was pretty high. I firmly believed that I can walk into a room , woo a girl with my words and make her my girlfriend. But this year has SUCKED soo bad for me in that field.

    This newest girl. Her name is Melena(shes in one of my classes in college). For weeks I have been eyeing her and shes been eyeing back. So last week ago I spoke to her, complimented her earrings and went from there. We had a 5 min conversation and then I left. Then couple days ago I spoke to her AGAIN , this time for at least 10 mins. We had a normal conversation but this time she was asking me questions like how many classes i'm taking, where i moved from etc. I felt the vibe flowing well so i asked her " can we continue this conversation later, can i call you?" at which point she asked me what kind of phone do i have, I told her it was a PDA etc etc. She gave me her number and we parted our ways. Later on that day i texted her saying "hi". She didn't reply. I was upset so I purposley did not talk to her yesterday at school. But today I called her, and guess what, She doesn't pick up. I left her a message, but Im certain she isn't gonna call back. WTF is wrong with me. This is the 4th girl this year that has dissed me. I'm not a bad looking guy, i KNOW THIS. But why do i feel soo ugly nowadays? I mean how can i talk to a girl without scaring her away ? Or talk to her without her leading me on? Play that stupid game I know, where i should be an ass to her so she'll chase me but thats bull. I never get the one i want !

    My self esteem isn't there anymore.
    I go out and count how many girls make eye contact with me nowadays, I find my number much less than what i expected.

    can someone please explain to my this curse?. You will be rewarded someday for helping me in this time of distress.
    thank you !

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    1,721 seems to me that you're ready to jump right in! Slow down....don't assume she owes you anything until you've dated for a while.

    This girl, she probably thought you were cool but she doesn't really know you at all. She might have been busy doing something she felt was important. The point is, don't call her and expect her to jump. Yes, it would have been nice for her to return your call...I agree on that point. But it's a bit early to be setting expectations of a girl you hardly know.

    I think at this point you should meet and chat with girls but keep your expectations low, you've set them too high to start with and none of the girls are living up to them. Maybe instead of getting digits, give yours out and see who comes to you.

    Good luck!

    "My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny."

    Elaine Maxwell

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    Just because you talk to a girl and even get her number doesn't mean that everything is on.

    Many girls flake out after giving their number.

    I remember when my roommate was studying seduction, girls were flaking all the time. It was funny to watch but he was really upset and confused.

    His goal at the time was to get as many phone numbers as he could. Infact many of these guys rate success by the amount of number they get. Many women are like this too.

    Don't fall into this trap.

    Here's the secret to avoid this. No tricks here.
    If you like her - then ask. If she likes you then everything will work out.

    Often, people give off a vibe that will encourage flakey patterns. If you are a player - she will play with you - and flaking is part of that game.

    If you're not a player then chill - love is right around the corner.

    Sonny B - The Love Hypnotist

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    So the other day I spoke to this girl AGAIN at school. She immediately apologized for not calling me back saying shes having "family problems" at home. I said its koo don't worry about it. Again we had a fantastic conversation about movies and music. She and I share the same taste in both category's. I told her I'll see her next week after a long eye contact, and she smiled and said the same reply.

    ToDAY she smiled at me in class, but i didn't feel the need to talk to her after class. So i didn't and went home. I want to call her but I've already tried that, she didn't pick up and didn't call back. This girl is an Ideal girlfriend. But I can't seem to get her to call me.

    Clue less... help. 2 weeks left in school... should i keep talking to her in person to build up repor?


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