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Thread: Valentines Day! XO_XO

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    Angry Valentines Day! XO_XO

    Another Valentines day spent alone for moi!.. Seems like everyone has someone to hug, and kiss but i dont.. I hate this holiday soo much, not only because its the day that i broke up wmy first bf but because every year since then it has always been the same.. Alone, and the sad part is that is how it will remain for a long long time.. Idk. Why it is just the real truth.. Nobody wants me!

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    Hey yo. Don't worry bout not having a date... i got myself a date, but then it went completely sour. so don't fret. And if nobody seems to want you, then stop trying so hard if you are. nobody likes needy peoples =1
    i sure don't. and girls don't like needy guys either.


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