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Thread: afraid?

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    if your like me afraid to talk to women please post here with me i cant talk or do to much around a women lol but i love them! :angel2:
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    Are you afraid about what? you afraid about rejection or neglection from girls.or some another reasons.
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    hey bro..
    I used to be shy,. slowly ive improved.. it took time and effort.. but you must be able to achieve your goals.. It isnt easy but it is completely possible.. I would suggest for now that you read a lot of the stuff in the forums.. because it has a lot of info that might help you.. I can help you if you want.. just be more specific.. tell me what you have achived. I dont know-.. luck bro!
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    Hah, the only thing you could do is to just "practise"
    and that would mean eing ble to handle quite a bit of rejection... harder than it sounds, but you just talk to them, and if you fail, use that experience or the next time and build on it =]


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