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Thread: girl at the bank

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    girl at the bank

    gourgeous teller that seems to be eyein me everytime i walk into the bank... but i'm not sure how to conversate with her since shes behind a 3 foot glass wall and i have a long line of angry customers behind me .... i was thinkin of slippin her a note with my number ..what do you think ???

    HELPPP !!!
    ThANKS !!!

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    well, start by a note saying "Hi", she'll think its cute, .. the next day, stand in line, give her another paper saying :


    with a smile , if she doesnt want to, screw her you souldn't cling to ONE woman

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    Girls at banks or you can say in General have the same behavior and always behave like this if they are interested . I think you should carry in
    Hunter Crowell


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