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Thread: M SN or Email?

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    M SN or Email?

    Hey everyone,
    Here's the run down. I met a girl through another friend at the bar one night. She talked and hit it off. But I was going away on a Co-op term in Europe. We added each other to regardless. I talked to her once. Mainly really because of the time differences.

    Well, I came back and had lunch with my friend. Apparently she still remembers me, and says she that she is going to say hi over . I want to beat her to it, and maybe catch a bite to eat (if I don't get shutdown).

    But which is a better way to break the ice. M SN or Email?

    Let me know what you think?

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    I would have to say e-mail. But its ultimately up to you.
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    [QUOTE=BigRed;42295]I would have to say e-mail. But its ultimately up to you.[QUOTE]
    I also agree to "BigRed",E mail is better way .
    Hunter Crowell


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