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Thread: Approaching a person who works at a store?

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    Approaching a person who works at a store?

    Here's the story. There is this one girl who I find pretty cute at a store. What would be the best way to approach her without acting like a jerk? I could ask her if she could help me find something, but what next? I don't want to appear as annoying or a jerk. Is there some other conversation starters I can use to expand? Any suggests would help. Thanks!

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    Well what type of store is it?

    If she is a cashier of some sort, then you could buy something small. But have a conversation with her while she is ringing you up. If she seems to be interested. Then ask her if she wants to hang out some time. Make it a group activity. Maybe hang out with her and her friends. If you ask her to see a movie or something that you two are alone, you might seem to aggressive.


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