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Thread: do I smell bad?

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    do I smell bad?

    I like this girl a lot. Although we are good friends and always tell personal stuff, she keeps the distance between us. At lunch, she can sit next to her friends and across from me. But, when I sat next to her, she seemed uncomfrotable sitting with me and actually moved to a different seat. Also, she always sits next to her friends (of course), but when it is just me, she would sit two seats further from me. However, before the school ended, when I was going to give her a light hug, she squeezed me and hugged me very tight. It's just weird that she was avoiding me (although we are very good friends) and then suddenly hugged me really tight. What's up with this?

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    Bad hygene can be a problem. So if you suspect that you have a problem take care of it. Bathe regularly and brush and floss your teeth often. It is hard for a friend to tell you that you have an odor problem so watch for subtle signs as you have.
    Bill B

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    Im going to comment on something else here, try to avoid being the guy that is the "nice friend" that shares personal stuff, be the unapprochable guy that is crazy and ignores her when she talks to you, she wil suddenly start chasing you,

    if you are really into this girl, stop being too friendly, have some more "risky" fun, tease her hit her, etc..

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    Nothing to say a much on this but i think you have some bad smells .
    Hunter Crowell


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