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Thread: Should I text a guy? I kinda stole his phone number...

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    Should I text a guy? I kinda stole his phone number...

    Really silly, i know. But, I like this guy, and he likes me. He lives two some hours away, and he told my brother the last time he was in town, that he likes me and would like to get together with me the next time he is here. (My brother managed to finally tell me this 3 days after the fact) But, he doesn't have my phone number, and I never got his. But, he is good friends with my brother, and I got his phone number from my brothers phone.

    Should I text him, like "give me a call when you're in town next" or not?

    I only feel odd because i stole the phone number out of my brothers phone. And, i don't want the guy to get weirded out by how I could have gotten his number.

    It's been two months since i've seen him. My Brother saw him three weeks ago. And my brother is not telling me when he is back in town. (My brother gets weird whenever any of his friends start to like me. He's not being the "protective brother" type of weird either. He has issues whenever I date anyone. He hasn't like any guy i've dated or shown interest in.)

    So, uh, help? What should I do? Text him, or let it go and just wait?

    Thanks a ba-zillion!


    P.S. i'm 23 and so is the guy I like. So, this is an adult situation.

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    Well if you are SURE he likes you...then yeah I would say go for it.

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