Hey i know you people get a lot of these questions but I'd like to know your point of view for my particular situation.

I work at the mall and right outside the shop where I work there is a jewellery stand. Now theres this pretty girl that works there part time and I've noticed her ever since I have started working at my shop. I didn't see her for a few months as she got rellocated to another branch. All this time there has been no interaction whatsoever but I'm 100% sure she would notice me on the street or whatever.

About a month ago she started working outside my shop again. One day as I was walking back into my shop I looked over to her and our eyes caught for a second (which felt like an eternity) and she gave me this smile. My heart was pounding like crazy and I started thinking. Now for the next couple of weeks, everytime we catch eyes we would smile at each other but still we have never talked.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to pick up my nuts and go talk to her when the mall was quiet. I was nervous as hell and randomly went up to her and just said hi. I was so nervous that I forgot to introduce myself when I first started talking, but then she was the one who introduced herself first and told me her name. We started talking about general stuff like her work and working in the mall in general. She seemed friendly and was easy to talk to. We talked for a couple of minutes but then I had to go cash up. As I was closed up the shop she was still busy cashing up so I felt bad to go up to say bye.

I know she goes to the same university as me as I had seen her a couple of times before. Last week it was final exams week and one morning I was at university and I was getting a coffee before going to study. After I got the coffee I was walking away, drinking my coffee. As I looked up, I see her and im 99% sure she saw me but she didn't smile or anything and looked away immediately. Now I was 20 feet behind her I felt kind of random to run up to her and talk to her. We were kind of walking in the same direction but then it seemed like she took a last minute turn to the right which seemed a bit weird.

OK now the question is what can you see from the situation? Im not sure if she tried to avoid me on purpose or if she was just shyintimiated no one can read her mind, but is it normal for girls to be intimidated or kind of avoid guys they like especially if they are shy? The only thing is from the impression I got from when I talked to her she didn't seem that shy.