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Thread: Does she like me?

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    Does she like me?

    Before we talk about her. Little bit about my self really quick. I'm very shy guy around pretty girls. I'm 6 feet tall, and weight about 135 pounds. I'm a part time modelactor.

    Ok it all started in middle school. I known her for two years in middle school,before i left it. After i left my middle school. Like three years past by. Then my best friend was dateing the girl that i knew in middle school. and the girl told her couz that she had a big crush on me in middle school, then my bestfriend told me. So we went to the movies together, with my bestfriend and her couz.

    While at the movies, we sit down together. She keep on putting her head on my shoulders, and move very closely to me. She try to hold my hand, but i move my hand, but i didn't ment to, so she move her hand.

    So after the movies thing,we didn't talk together in like three months. Then when my two bestfriends were in the school played.. I went to the school played,and i saw her.. And she told her couz, and my bestfriends that we should see eachother again. So we all went to Hi Hop after the school played.
    While we were their, she keep on playing with her hair by me, and keep on touching my sides,and playing with wipe cream. I only said few words to ge during the time in HI Hop.

    So next three weeks, i have been talking to her online..but then some other dude ask her out, so she started to date this other guy.

    O yea, each time i see her at my church, she always looking at me.

    So can you please tell me that if she likes me or not!
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    and yes, i know my spellinggrammer sucks. I'm half wasted at the time i wrote this.
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    Wow how can you be so clueless .. off course she likes you !

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    Its sounds,she ofcourse like you.
    Hunter Crowell

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    A girl usually expects you to escalate sexually already from the first or second encounter. If you do not take the charge and do some move you lose her.. how you do that? First of all try to detect the signs of interest in her. This one was giving clear signs of interest towards you. For example putting her head on your shoulder was a sign of sexual, erotic interest for you.

    When you see signs of interest donīt procrastinate. Take the charge. You can begin by simply touching her fingers. Then you walk hand by hand. Then you put an arm over her shoulders. If she resists withdraw a little bit and then try again.

    Till you kiss her.
    Cheers, Franco


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