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Thread: Been 2 years and im still scared to ask this girl out! Please help and ill owe u big!

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    Been 2 years and im still scared to ask this girl out! Please help and ill owe u big!

    Ok theres this girl that goes to my school, the 1 year level under me. About 2 years ago i liked her and i got one of her good friends to tell her because im shy. Anyway i ended up being too shy to even go ask her out and i guess i lost my chance becuase like a month later another guy was going out with her.

    I dont know how long she went out wif this guy for but they broke up, yet sometimes i see them walkin together.. and im still shy of askin her out because i dont know what to say!!! I havent talked to her in a real long time and we only see each other after school and sometimes during breaks.

    What should i do!?! I dont know whether to go up to her and start talking to her and not ask her out, or talk to her for a bit and ask her if she lyks him or whether i have a chance or what!!!

    Any help would be great!!


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    You should forget about this girl,and start approaching another woman on the street or in the club or school or whatever...and when you get laid,then ask her out

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    hey man, your problem is you're really sensitive and afrad of everything, that was my case before, but this is what you should do, start enjoying your life the way it is, and girls will come to you, you simply shouldn't care about a thing, not giving a about what people think of yo is a chick magnet charactersitc and is very alpha male.


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