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    What do you think

    ok, there's this girl I want to talk to at the local bookstore. Here's the plan

    When she's by herself{as in not talking to another customer or another employee} I was going to go up to her and then ask her if it would be ok to put up some flyers for my martial arts school on the store's bulletin board. Then I was going to ask her if, just between her and me, if this bookstore was a good place to work at, cause I saw a post at the college we both go to saying it wasn't, the say my boss is driving me crazy.

    Then I'd thank her, and make sure I get her name and tell her mine, then say nice meeting her.

    If she reacts positively, then I'd talk to her again, if not then I wouldn't. Any suggestions/advice? Anything I'm missing?

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    That actually sounds like a great idea, too bad more guys don't think and plan things like you do! :wacko:
    *The pAst is LikE a ScaR, YeaH iT wiLL bE thEre ForEvEr... BuT iT shOULdn't HurT anYmoRe* :girl:

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    Its sounds like a great idea.
    Hunter Crowell


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