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Thread: Arts of seduction

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    Thumbs up Arts of seduction

    I bet that each and every 1 of us have atleast 1 move that they use to seduce there partner, a move that they know gets their partner everytime!
    also, a move tht ure partner uses against you.
    It could be during sex, while making out.. etc

    also - whats your best sexual style?
    feel free to reply and give us ideas..
    you might help someone out, and also u might be surprised with some things u might have in common with other people :weyes:

    and a Little bit later on i promise to post a reply telling you my answers..
    but you guys should go first..
    dont just ignore! FESS UP!!! :bouncy:

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    Thumbs up here is a tip i use- and used on me

    its called behind the eye

    first you look into her/him eyes not stop... for as long as it takes for her/him to react.
    less movement as possable and just use your eyes

    then use some other movers- i kiss the neck before you get things in to swing :agree:

    if your a female.../ i find it :bouncy3: if you bite the ear faintly and just essentially feel around the body with a tough hold with your legs on the Waist.

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    Please send tips in my private mail. thnx


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