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Thread: Please Read Me!!!!

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    Please Read Me!!!!

    We have some females that just don't "get it" when it comes to men. That...and totally still believe that they (the females/younger "girls") are the catch. Too bad they don't realize that they are just after the attention and not really caring about the guy. Most women don't realize this for they don't think "logically", only about what they are "feeling" at the moment.

    Isn't it funny how a woman will totally disregard you, but a few days later totally kiss your ass?

    Here's a little something that I put in a few threads for a reply in the past. Just wanted to make sure you all saw it.

    ****************************** *********
    Women love to be treated like crap. They love drama. They also fail to learn from history. Since they dont learn from other women's pasts, they repeat it. If women did learn from other women at a younger age, women would go for nice stable guys, not jerks who cheat on them or beat them up.

    I find it funny how a woman will automatically disregard a guy that may be "seeing" or dating more than one person and label him as a player or worse, but if she does it....she's being "selective".


    Most women are every bit the hypocrite and gold digger. The only difference between a good woman and a snotty one is the degree of their hypocracy and their looks. Again, if a man is a player, he is a pig. If a woman does it, she is a "princess" or "goddess" or whatever just looking at all her options. Women totally use their looks to get what they want in every aspect, and most of them don't have respect for guys as a result. It is almost as if Women have no use for men, except for 2 things: 1) to pay for everything and 2) give them kids.

    God help you if you judge them for being what some of them are (disgusting, ugly bloodsucking leaches), or talk the truth about another woman this way. They almost never see themselves that way, and always circle the wagons for their fellow "sisters." Hell, I am not convinced that most women are not closet *******s, either, the way they always want to "empathize" and bond with each other. If it were possible for women to grow *****es, I bet women would just marry other women!

    Anyway....women like to find a hottie looking guy and try to change him into what they want. Women are one of the laziest creatures, so they find what they are half looking for and figure they can change the other half or remodel the other half.

    In other words, most women have no problem manipulating a guy to get what they want out of them until he is of no use to them. The Paris Hilton quote that said (and I am paraphrasing here) "Women need 4 animals: the mink on their neck, the jaguar in the garage, the tiger in the bed, and a jackass to pay for it all," perfectly sums up womanhood. Basically, women want two men in their life: the bad boy to lay them the pipe and knock them up, and the dumb ass nice guy who will pay for everything, including said bad-boy's kid, while she s some other guy behind nice-guy's back. The hot ones will use men for all they can, the ugly ones will still use men. The caveot is their looks dictate what they can get out of what kind of man.

    Women also say one thing and do another. Their actions almost never match their words, mostly when they are younger. They will then tell their male- girlfriends that they wish they could find a guy like them. What they want is a hot guy that gets them wet who acts like the male gf. When you give the authority and put your foot down by keeping her on a lease (of course, she sees it as you being "protective"), it drives home the message that you can always find another puzzy. You have to make her realize that she's gotta work for you, not the other way around. This shows you that women are shallow.

    But it is true when they get older and can no longer get the hot guys, they will start settling and going for the nice stable guy that they wouldnt have given the time of day to when they were 21.

    And women wonder why guys play them when they can or are jerks!'s because each of these jerks has been burned by a stuck up, snotty, vapid princess! Guys are so sick of that, which is why fewer and fewer guys want to get married anymore; a guy has to be a sucker to get married anymore.

    If you think MD is wrong, tell MD your revisionist history on almost all women going for jerks, not dating their male gfs (even though the male gf is the perfect choice) and etc.

    In the end....Men mate to what they can afford and women to what they can attract (based on their looks). Are there exceptions, sure. Go to WalMart, that is the Galapagos Islands of dating and mating. How many frumpy women do you see there with there ugly low earning husbands?

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    Totalmente loco..pobre freak..
    For you to think that way about ALL women, you must have been treated really badly in the past. Therefore it's ok for you to think that way. Generalizing is the easiest way to feel lame about not finding the right person for you. In your mind you have this weird steoretype of women, I don't know are just wrong. Goodluck for the future.. :good:
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year

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    As're the first to prove that women "can do no wrong" and always shine away from the obvious Fireangel.

    Read the whole thing, especially the end....please explain to me the "why" then? Or don't you know?


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    So what u are saying generaly is that men should not take women as seriously as they do, and they shud not be putty in a womens hand. Essentaly like u said, the women shud have to work for the man, and that u shud try to say and act how u want and not change urself to meet what u think the girl will like or feel good from.

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    There is no getting trough to idiots like you, is there?

    OBVIOUSLY, the first person to comment on this post said something like You've been screwed over by someone in the past, so you are WRONG in saying that they make the female completely blameless.

    What the hell is your problem? Not every girl is like that, and you will never find one who isn't if you keep your little ***** act up. You've been hurt, we all have, it doesn't make women bloodsucking vamps, OKAY?

    You need to wake up and realize that not every girl wants money, not every girl want kids, and not every girl wants a good looking husband. Personally, I think the guys that are considered hot these days are not attractive at all. I want to make my own money at my own job and take care of myself. If that makes me a *****, so ing be it, I'm proud.

    My friend would like to also say: "I'm not a very angry person, I smoke a lot of weed, I don't like rich guys. I don't like guys with nice cars, I don't like the best looking guys - I like personality, and marajuana. Does that make me a bloodsucking *****? I've never screwed over a guy, I've lived in a house with all guys and I'm used to the typical bull that comes out of a typical guys mouth. I've watched my mother go through hundreds of guys and I understand some girls can be bloodsucking *****s BUT TO SAY that every girl is, is being a sexist male pig, which you are. And I can also tell, that by all the *****ing you probably have a small **** and that's why no girl wants you, and your personality is ing . So as a non-gold digging *****, I would like to say I would not even like to be with you, despite looks or money, cause you just sound like a piece of . So any girl who doesn't want you, I don't blame her, no matter if she is a gold digging *****. I hope you have fun as your bleeding in the ass while satan s your bigot ass with his tail. Thank you and goodnight." - Natasha Manaberg (The Psycho)

    Oooo she's so right.

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    >>>>I smoke a lot of weed

    Heh....pot kills brain cells, and well, it shows here.

    Here's a tidbit for you, I'm 25 and have had more LTR's than most people my age. I also date a lot, what have you done other than just start growing pubic hair?


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