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Thread: Get back,the one you Lost.

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    And as soon as the "newness" wears off and she realizes that you aren't stirring up enough drama, she'll be off again to go find another hog to ride.

    The fact that SHE dumped YOU and YOU allow HER to come back is nothing but good news for her. It's entirely BAD for YOU. YOU are a sacless wonder and have nothing for men looking for decent women to learn from.

    Sure you can get some girls back, but even more you get more drama, more bull-$hit, etc. These are all things women need and crave, in other words can't live without.

    Why spend your time in the past and continue going through the motions?

    Who likes drama more? You or them?

    Why are you interested in something like that when you can find a good woman that LACKS these things?!

    Get a clue.

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    Because the sex is really hot?

    Also, I didn't promise to be exclusive, so she's probably going to get some drama if that's what she's craving....

    And you have to admit, it feels good to be on top, metaphorically speaking...

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    You go back to the stove that burnt you even though it hurt so bad.

    Who is more foolish?
    The fool, or the one who follows him?

    What do you think of something that you completely disregard or don't want to use anymore?

    >>>Because the sex is really hot?

    Hey, it helps if you have other prospects too and not just her!

    Please turn in your sac.


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