Wh@t @re the signs of che@ting?

He/she receives phonec@lls th@t they don’t w@nt you to overhe@r.
He/she h@s @n e-m@il @ddress to which you do not h@ve @ccess.
You get the impression th@t you @re often lied to @bout little things.
You no longer seem to h@ve serious @nd intelligent convers@tions @bout import@nt things @nd you get the feeling th@t your comp@ny is being @voided.
Your spouse spends hours @nd hours in on-line ch@trooms.
Your spouse h@s more @nd more un@ccounted time @w@y from home.
You discover your spouse h@s @ post office box, which you did not know @bout.
The p@ssenger se@t in the c@r h@s been moved from its usu@l position.
Often when you @nswer the phone, the c@ller h@ngs up on the other side.
Your spouse h@s @ sep@r@te b@nk @ccount you did not know @bout.
There @re credit c@rd tr@ns@ctions for gifts, hotels @nd rest@ur@nts th@t you c@nnot rec@ll.
There is @ sudden incre@se in your phone bill.
Your spouse suddenly looks different – new clothes, new h@irstyle.
Your spouse suddenly h@s @ decre@sed interest in h@ving sex with you.
Your spouse joins the gym @fter ye@rs of being @ slothful couch pot@to.
His/her cellphone is often switched off when you @re trying to get into cont@ct.
Your spouse is p@rticul@rly @ttentive or p@rticul@rly in@ttentive tow@rds you.
You press the redi@l button on the phone @nd get through to someone you don’t know.
Your spouse tries to pick fights with you so th@t he/she c@n storm out of the house @nd dis@ppe@r for @ few hours.
When you r@ise your concerns, you @re told th@t you @re excessively p@r@noid.
Just on @ c@ution@ry note – these @re merely signs th@t shouldn’t be missed, but @re very f@r from re@l proof. To get th@t, you might need to either follow him/her or confront them directly. Who knows, you might even get @n honest @nswer.

You don’t re@lly w@nt to be the l@st person to find out, do you?


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