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Thread: Can't believe it!!

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    Exclamation Can't believe it!!

    Hey peeps, so i really liked this lad in my class, an i thought he liked me too, but i didnt kno coz hes a player, an he goes 4 any thing more or less. An he flirts wid my mate like loads, i dunno if he likes he or not, but anyways, every 1 in r class goes out to this bar, an he trys to get in to me, askin 4 a kiss an i was quite drunk b4 i even got into this bar, so he keeps askin an i told him to go an get 1 of my mate, an he said no i want 1 of u, an i said well u obv like her, so go an get on off her, so he he kept askin an den i told him 1 more, time so he went off to my mate an got of wid her an den came bac 2 me!! (an i thought that he wud stay wid her the whole nite), so i knocked this lad bac 10 times that nite, An i dont kno y, coz i really like him!! But he tells me that i cant knock him bac that many times in 1 nite, an i was like yer i can, i just ave, so after that night, my mate tells me that he does like me an dat he kept askin y i wudnt get off wid him, an she also said that he used her to make me jealous, an i dont get y he did that??? So then we go out another nite an he spends the whole nite wid my mate, an asks her all through the nite, "doesnt Hayesy like me"????? even thou he was wid her all nite, an the next day he told me that he didnt try to get off wid me in case i knocked him bac again, an he knew that my mate wudnt, so is he playin games between me an my mate??, an y did he wanna make me jealous??, coz it didnt work!!

    Thanx 4 ur help!!!
    x x Hayesy x x mwah x mwah x x
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    My name is Angel i saw your profile at acmelove and love it i think we can clik so please i will like you to email me back through my email addrsse thus;(angel1_khalifa@yahoo(dot )com) aweting to see your lovely reply soonest.


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