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Thread: Is it true what they say about fat girls?...

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    before ne1 attacks hazzer for wht he's said, bare in mind he's only 13 and has yrs ahead to learn
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    Well time for a lesson then...

    Alright hazzer...where to start on that horribly stupid post. No matter your age, the post you just made is completely uncalled for and stupid.

    "I dont think that a fat girls attractive watsoeva there fat flowing down there legs. And men who go after fat girls are freaks fat girls are ugly FULL STOP."
    SERIOUSLY BRO...WHAT THE HELL?! Don't get me wrong, I have never dated a larger girl but that is certainly not something that anyone with half an ounce of character would say. Surely your parents taught you better than that. If you aren't attracted to bigger girls, that's fine but comments like that just make you look like an a$$hole.

    Keep in mind, that is coming from someone who isn't at all attracted to "fat girls" current girl is barely 100 lbs. I can only imagine what some of the people who are attracted to heavier women will have to say to that post of yours. If I were you, I'd just remove it completely.

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    I am sorry

    U are right i am a idiot but i just my opion. But wat i think is bad that men accutly go after fat girls for paractise thats Bad. i am sorry for who eva i offended

    My mums a good person and i dont like u being mean to her plz. But its just my opion. My mother lets me mould my self but if i go to far she will put me straight.

    I REALLY AM SORRY but its the truth any guy at my school would agree at my age but i am sure i will grow up more latter

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    fat fhucks should die in hell

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    dammit Ajvv, that was funny as hell.


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