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Thread: How do you tell if a girl is just nice or likes you?

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    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. She doesn't just look at me, she stares at me. And if she would see me in the street, she would have no reason to get my attention, since we're not exactly friends, unless she liked me. She could ignore me, but she doesn't. Please don't tell me to filirt, because I can't. It's just not in my nature.

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    OK steelpaladin,
    * If she actually stares at you, that suggests she might like you.
    * If I saw a guy I knew in the street, even if we weren't friends, I'd approach him & talk to him. That's because I'm a friendly person - it wouldn't mean I liked him.
    * If you feel like you can't flirt with this girl, then figure out some other way to express that you're interested in her (NOT telling her you like her & asking her out, out of the blue) - otherwise you're going nowhere.
    * Keep in mind that a girl can LIKE someone without actually being interested in having a relationship with them.

    You have to realise, no one here can reliably figure out if this girl likes you or not.

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    sometimes if a girl is really nice to you it means that she is just comfortable with you.. just like what happened to me when i met a guy in webdate.. all i wanted was for us to be friends but since i was so comfortable with him he persued having me as a girl even if i never really had any intention of being more than friends with him at first..

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    she's nervous when you are around, but tries not to show it. she steals glances towards you when you are not looking. she tries to get to know you more. she does what you ask her to do, and most of the time, takes your advice. she shifts voice tones from toughie to softie when talking to an air of femininity and sweetness. she pays attention to your interest and tries to learn more about it. she tries to make an effort to be close to your family. these are just to name a few. :-)

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