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Thread: need seduction HELP

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    need seduction HELP

    hey...i need HELP!!!

    me and my boyfriend are close (if you get what i mean by close...), but we haven't done it yet. and i, for one, am quite ready to.

    but here lies the problem...he is of the religious nature, thus making him NOT one of your typical, "sex-yes-sex-good-sex-now" type of guys.

    sooooooooo...i need a really good (and i mean REALLY good) seduction to give him an overpowering "imusthaveyouNOW" feeling. thing is, i've never had to seduce anyone b4, so i have no clue what to do. if you could give me, in stupid person detail, all your best seduction tips, i would love you forever and ever.


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    Re: need seduction HELP

    OKay - so to my understandment you want to seduce your boyfriend. You say that he isn't the type of guy who is *tempted* for sex b/c he is the religious type. If he isn't into premarital sex-don't pressure him and respect his boundaries. But if you want to be a shedevil ":devil: (lol)
    and you want to try and seduce the guy to see if he'll go for it and change his mind go for it. But be prepared that you might in fact be risking him getting upset over it ( i dont know the guy im taking a stab at a possible reaction).
    and it might turn out the other way around than what you think your results will be.

    okay-seductions.. like a whoa seduction. I myself haven;'t really seduced anyone. hell im still a virgn but i have an imagination and i know ide prob be a vixen in the bedroom if i wanted to be.

    Hmm a whoa seduction. You could always do the sota clique kind of thing.. Invite him over and wear something sexy with the lights dimmed low. He could ask u whats going on and you could just tell him that you are having a (enter his name here) day just for him. You could basicalyl pamper the guy.. give him a massage ( some people find this the beginning of having sex or osmething. im weird i dont think much of it but im sure it could prob put a guy in the mood. apparently i hear it does? lol.) and let your imagination flow.

    areyou trying to look for something less clique ? or a diff. idea? like a sponateous kind of thing?

    anyway.. just make sure that you are sure you want to do this and thingk its time in your relationship to move it to this level. All in all- he could end up feeling uncomfertable. and if he doesnt respond the way you want him to- at least let him know that you understand hs p.o.v. and all. He could feel pressured after all and guys dont seem to like feeling pressured into things( hey who does?!)

    hope i helped at least somewhat.
    I am exhausted and am fearful. i am delaying decisions and in turn have chosen to not decide, to let things take their course , and let fate take its course.

    "now is the time to examine your thoughts and feelings with care and must try to free yourself from fear and take action you know in your heart is neccesary. "

    (the best advice i have had in a long time!)

    Rem- there is no right or wrong but the consenquences from your actions.....

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    In this case I think you maybe causing more harm than good. If your boyfriend is the religious type and you sleep with him it may drive him away. Be careful! If I were you I'd apply slow steady pressure, but remember if you are successful he's going to need a lot of space afterward because his conscious will equate what he did with murder.

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    murder? sounds a little over the edge there Hueff....

    However, celebasy is a force to be reconned with when it's religious....(excuse my spelling).

    If you really loved him, would you want him to compromise his religious morality for you?

    "My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny."

    Elaine Maxwell

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    I mean that comparison in as far as his conscious was concerned and I am quite correct. He would see it as tarnishing his soul in much the same way murder would. The act once done can not be undone.
    To many people of religion and I'm assuming it's Christian due to the popularity of Christianity among Americans. They believe that once you have sex you are joined "the two become one" at which point you may not unjoin. It's more of a life commitment and so on. To enter it lightly is to slap the face of God. Trust me on this one.

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    Yup... I used to be a very serious Catholic, up until a few months ago when I laid off really... Long story.

    But anyway. Story time...

    My first boyfriend and I were together for 2 months before he tried to get me to go farther than I wanted to with him. He tried to put my hand somewhere, and then went for the drawstring on my waist. Both times I gently moved his hand elsewhere... but he kept hinting, kept trying, and after a while I found it flat out disrespectful. He knew my religion and how important it was to me, but he kept trying anyway.

    Moral of the story... try once, but don't keep pushing. If you respect him, respect his religion.

    And like hueff said, if he sleeps with you he's gonna be beating himself up for a few days afterwards... he may have wanted to do it, but it conflicts with everything he believes in and he's going to end up fighting with himself about if it was the right thing to do.


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