I happen to watch a documentary about meeting mail-order brides titled Love Me! In Netflix last night.

Iíve never really thought of getting married as I am still in my early 30s. I have an unfavorable understanding towards ďmail-order brides.Ē

I wonít deny thinking that all women in mail-order brides site wants only one thing.

You can consider me an ignorant fool towards that area but you canít really blame the people who think that way since the media contributed to it.

When I saw the documentary, the first thing I thought wasÖ ďwhy would anyone make a documentary of men traveling to meet women?

Ē It got me thinking and interested. Iím sure there are a lot of things that I donít know.

1 hour and 43 minutes into the documentary, there are still a lot of things I donít fully understand, but it did open my mind more on A Foreign Affairís women.

The girls have their own circumstances and different reasons for being in the event. I have developed respect towards them and to the men who participate.

Seeing how some found someone to spend their life with actually turned the interesting unconventional way of dating into unconditional love.

Iíve started thinkingÖ I want to try it too.

I went to AFAís site and registered. They have a wide range of choices where to meet.

Itís nice to know that you can actually explore and learn more about your own preference in a partner (in more ways than one.)

Iím still learning about this so I canít say much about it, Iíd like to try and experience it and might as well give it a full shot.

Traveling, meeting hundreds of beautiful women and falling in love is definitely a great deal.

But I still donít know which country I should go for, any suggestions?