From Heaven above The Lord reached down from His Glorious Throne,
He reached down into my depravity to make me one of His very own.
He then removed the veil of sin from my eyes and helped me to see,
I had now become a new creature in Christ, as He was gracious to me.

He also put behind me my old wicked life filled with sin and shame,
And in His Righteousness I shall stand before Him without any blame.
He took me off the road that was leading me Eternally the wrong way,
And He led me to The Way that will take me to Him Eternally one day.

He took me off shifting unstable ground where my steps were unsure,
And placed me upon The Eternal Rock where my path is forever secure.
He took my empty depraved soul that was unknowingly headed for Hell,
And He sent The Holy Spirit to reside in me until Eternity to dwell.

And He taught me the Eternal Truth of God which I never knew before,
That Jesus' death on Calvary gave me a hope that's absolutely sure.
This new Hope and assurance in Jesus Christ I just could not ignore,
So He gave me a boldness to share this Hope at every available door.

That His death brings life to those who believe through a new birth,
And an abundant life of peace and joy while we remain on the earth.
Indeed The Lord above has truly been gracious and very good to me,
My friend, He'll be gracious to you, simply believe and you'll see.

(Copyright 12/2002 Bob Gotti)