God Himself created the heavens, the earth, and all that man can see,
He spoke all into existence and will sustain it all through eternity.
As The Spirit hovered over the earth, God said “Let there be light”,
As He spoke it was created and there was day and there was night.

He said “Let there be a separation of the waters below and up high”,
He saw the expanse that He created said it is good and called it sky.
He said “Let all the waters be gathered to one place” and it will be,
This created a dry area He called land and the waters He called seas.

He said “Let the land produce various plants, trees, and vegetation”,
He saw all He created, said it is good on the third day of creation.
After God produced all the vegetation, He said “Let there be lights”,
So He created a light for the days and a lesser light for the nights.

He then spoke regarding creatures in the land, the seas, and the sky,
So He added to His creation creatures that could walk, swim, and fly.
As God continued He said to Christ “Let's make man in our own image”,
So He created man from simple dust and put him in a special lineage.

For God blessed man who He called Adam and put him over His creation,
However God's special fellowship ended when man fell into temptation.
But today God has spoken through His Son Jesus, who brings Salvation,
Even creation waits to be liberated by Christ with eager expectation.

(Copyright ©04/2004 Bob Gotti)