War is not the answer my friend, but it will continue up to the end,
Yes, to the end of all civilizations, as nations rise against nations,
This will be the world’s stage, as we approach the end of the age,
As peace won’t come through man, but only by God’s divine plan.

Christ is the only Prince of Peace, war without Him, will not cease,
Friend, peace shall elude this world, until His Kingdom is unfurled,
At the end of The Great Tribulation, as He is seen by every nation,
The only time peace shall come, is during The Millennial Kingdom.

Men from the greatest to the least, today truly search after peace,
A peace, these men will not find, while God never comes to mind,
They seek peace on their own, denying Authority of God’s Throne.
Christ, The One Who reigns over all, every nation, large and small.

Men dismissing the Authority of God, attempt peace, on this sod,
Their trouble ways shall continue friend, this, up until the very end,
Continual trouble in every place, until the end of the Age of Grace,
When God will give men over to, deceptive ways they never knew.

False peace will bring the Tribulation; Judgment upon every nation,
Failing to embrace God’s Truth, they will see God’s strong reproof,
Men shall not bring peace my friend, but, only disasters in the end,
For ignoring Christ the only One, who can bring peace to everyone!

(Copyright ©03/2014 Bob Gotti)