The Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling,
Since you've been taken out of the world who are you resembling?
Indeed this present world and all its lusts are quickly passing away,
And those who belong to Christ and The Word are all that will stay.

The earth is reserved for judgment of ungodly men with evil desire,
And everything on it will be laid bare when God destroys it with fire.
Knowing this Peter asked believers what kind of people should we be?
If you're not sure of the answer, just open The Word of God and see.

We should live godly lives waiting for God to purge the earth of sin,
And we should be found spotless by Christ and to be at peace in Him.
As citizens of Heaven, to this evil world we should not be conformed,
But, by the renewing of our mind The Church should be transformed.

For we were once of this world and by many things we were enticed,
But being bought with a price we have become new creatures in Christ.
For it was not with perishable things that you and I were redeemed,
But with the precious blood of Christ, whom The Father has esteemed.

We are urged to be as aliens and strangers in the world that we live,
So the pagans may see our good deeds and glorify God when he visits.
So let us fix our eyes on Jesus, who endured the cross in our place,
And live not according to this world, but according to God's Grace.

(Copyright 10/2003 Bob Gotti)