We are light placed upon a hill, placed wherever, per Godís Will,
Light in a dark world, so depraved, so that others can be saved,
Drawing all men, to Jesus Christ, so that they may have new life,
The life being what He spoke of, being born of God from above,

The light we have, is from God, for us to share wherever we trod,
His light used to direct everyone, to Christ, His Only Eternal Son,
The only One, Who gives the light, to all delivered from the night,
Saved by The Cross of Calvary, to be members of Godís Family.

Adopted into the Family of God, guided by Jesusí staff and rod,
Led to places of Christís choice, being for God a light and voice,
To be Godís Light, within this world, as Godís Gospel is unfurled,
Leading lost souls from every nation, to the Lordís only salvation.

For The Way, Truth and Life, is found in The Savior, Jesus Christ,
The light, that God has given us, is to direct men to Christ Jesus,
As we believers, joyfully proclaim, in the power of Christís Name,
The way of Christ unto salvation, to every soul from every nation.

We are Godís Light, per His Will, with an earthly purpose to fulfill,
Persuading men on the earth, to receive from Him a spiritual birth,
The message of Christ to all men, in Him they must be born again,
Born from above into Godís Family, to live with The Lord eternally.

(Copyright ©02/2014 Bob Gotti)