My friend, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink,
And so you can fill a man with wisdom, but he can't eternally think.
He can have eyes like both you and I and see colors of every kind,
But point him to the things above and he is often spiritually blind.

Many men listen to and even heed the advice given by a fellow peer,
But speak to them The Word of God and they will not be able to hear.
It seemed so easy for you and me, so why yet have they not believed?
Christ may seem obvious to you and me but friend they are deceived.

For the god of this world has blinded the minds of those perishing,
And unless we speak God's Truth Satan's lies will keep flourishing.
They perish because they refuse to embrace the Truth and be saved,
So God has given them over to their lusts to become utterly depraved.

But we can't be hasty and forget the life which we were saved from,
And how someone cared and pointed us to The Kingdom soon to come.
For we were all born into this world of sin where wrong seems right,
Led by our old nature we lived in darkness as children of the night.

But by God's Grace, The Spirit came upon us and gave us new sight.
And we were saved out of that darkness and brought into His Light.
For it is by the power of The Blood that we are no longer deceived,
And by His Grace we were then given ears to hear and truly believed.

(Copyright 12/2003 Bob Gotti)