About that baby, Christ The Lord, people on earth cannot afford,
To forget about the one who came, in the Power of Godís Name;
He came as both man and God, from Heaven to this earthly sod,
Coming for Godís nation Israel, and all the nations per Godís will.

The one who came for all of us, was to be given the name Jesus,
For by the power given Him, Heíd save His people, from their sin,
The angel would go on to tell, heíd be given the name Emmanuel,
Describing the presence of Jesus; a name meaning ďGod with usĒ.

He came to set His people free, but they had eyes that didnít see,
He was that One spoken of, by the prophets, from Heaven above,
And so Christ turned from Israel, to other nations with His Gospel,
From Jerusalem, into every nation, God would send His Salvation.

Christ turned His light to the world, with the Age of Grace unfurled,
As the Church began at Pentecost; its mission to reach all the lost,
With all the Authority given to Him, to save a world dying from sin,
In the last days, by God, revealed, for man to be spiritually healed.

Born a baby to die as Godís Lamb, but rose again, being the I Am,
Heís coming back in power again; who will be accountable, all men!
Today, being the day of salvation, all must embrace His Revelation,
For a man to enter into eternal life, they must embrace Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)