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Thread: Does my coworker want me to ask her out? Am i misreading the signs??

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    Does my coworker want me to ask her out? Am i misreading the signs??


    Well about a month ago we got a new personal trainer(in training) for the gym. She seems pretty neat,funny, and kind type of a girl.. She is 23 years old and i'm 25 years old.. For the first two weeks i haven't been talking to her that much,but that changed two weeks ago..

    In the last two weeks. We always talk to each other for like 30ish mins before she does her bootcamp classes... I told her that i'll help her with her bootcamp classes(coming up with new moves) and to help her study for her final personal trainer test...

    So one day before her bootcamp class..She ask me if i can show her the workout machines in the gym. Which i did.. She made a slight joke on how many pull ups i can do.. So after i showed her the workout machines...

    So two days after that. We talked again.. She said i should come over during the days when ever i don't train anybody.. Since she knows i'm at work everyday from 7am to 7pm.. And her apt is two mins away from the gym.. While she said i can come over to her apt.. She ask me for my number.. Which we traded numbers.. This happen few days ago.. I haven't texted her yet.. Dont know what to text!!

    Do you think she is flirting with me or not?? Or do you guys need more info??

    PS.. I know i shouldn't mix business with pleasure.. I have always been 100% business untill i moved back into my small town..

    In this small town like 75% of the young people move away to a huge city/college towns and never come back.. So it's pretty hard to find a good/right girl that is in my age group in this town that isn't married or with someone...

    So that is why i'm asking you guys if she is flirting with me or not..

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    It certainly sounds as though she might be interested. In any case, I can't see any harm in taking her up on the offer to visit her place. At least that way you'll find out whether she's just interested in being friends/workmates, or something more.

    In terms of how to reply to her, I would just keep it casual until you know more about her intentions. Since you do work together, perhaps best to play it safe, rather than come out all guns blazing and make things awkward in the event she's not interested!

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.



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