Back in November, I asked a woman if she wanted to do some bowling and hangout. Her response was "if I can find the time." After she said that I sort of chickened out and I told her "well if you have any time, just give me a call and we'll do some bowling sometime." Then I walked away. That night I sent her a text and told her that I was actually wanting to ask her on a date. She replied back and told me that she was seeing someone at the time. Well its been 6 months now and she's telling me she wants to join my church that I go to. She's been commenting me on things such as how I'm graduating this summer from college and so on. She also has patted me on the back a few times which she's never done. She also invited me to a euchre party the had all her friends and family. I had no idea who any of the people were at the party except maybe 2 people. She also replied to a phone call of mine yesterday, and after I told her what I wanted to tell her, she sort of kept the conversation going. Plus people keep asking us if we are a couple. Does it seem weird how she is wanting to join my church? For some reason I would feel awkward joining a womans church after rejecting her. Is she trying to become a closer friend with me? Should I tell her how I feel?