Friend, as certain as anything can be, my life is set for eternity,
Not only in eternity will I stand, but presently Iím in Godís hand,
Inscribed in the palm of my Lord, my life, by God isnít ignored,
Itís fashioned daily by Godís will, as His purpose He shall fulfill.

While Godís the Potter Iím the clay, which He molds day to day,
Forming my life, per His desire, at times through a flood or fire,
For Godís Purpose, not for mine, through every season of time,
Achieving purpose only God can, within the lives of mortal men.

Through it all God grants peace, as His presence doesnít cease,
Peace beyond what I understand, as God holds me in His hand,
Unfolding His Plan in my life, as I follow The Lord, Jesus Christ,
As God molds this lump of clay, around His purpose every day.

He works in ways I canít explain, so who am I to ever complain?
God, my Maker and The Creator, and He is my Lord and Savior,
Who came to be Godís sacrifice, so that I could live in Paradise,
Not just to live upon this earth, but in a mansion of eternal worth.

Uncertainty here weíre sure to see, but that pales next to eternity,
Where everything will be secure, and this my friend, forevermore,
A security we canít comprehend, from this place that has an end,
But this security weíre assured, by Jesus Christ, the Eternal Lord.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)