Thereíre so many who need The Lord, a truth by some that is ignored,
Even by those who claim to be, bought through the Blood of Calvary,
By God, for a purpose and a plan; to reach for The Savior every man,
From every tribe, tongue and nation, with the truth of Godís Salvation.

Weíve been saved for a mission, to be part of The Great Commission,
Commissioned by Jesus, Himself, to be his witness, not live in stealth.
To live with Godís purpose in mind, as we leave earthly desires behind,
As we live in the world for Christ, willing to be for Him a living sacrifice.

Each and every believer knows, this Age of Grace will come to a close,
The time is surely drawing near, when Jesus Christ says ďcome up hereĒ,
When that trumpet sounds for us, everyone, who truly belong to Jesus,
Taking us from this earth we roam, to be with our Lord in our real home.

This Blessed Hope, we must share, as there may be little time to spare,
This, with many a family and friend, those who arenít ready for the end,
We need urgency and Godís zeal, as the time and Godís Truth are real,
That only true believers, in Jesus Christ, have that Hope of Eternal Life.

We must ask God to open each heart, so Godís Holy Spirit can impart,
Godís Truth as The Spirit works in us, believers who know Christ Jesus,
This, as we follow The Spiritís lead, speaking to those, who are in need,
Of the saving Hope in Jesus Christ, that they too, can enter Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)