The end of an age, an era of time, an age of grace, by Godís Design,
A time when The Law was fulfilled, through Christ, as God had willed,
To deal with nations as a whole, a time of Godís Grace for every soul,
For all to embrace His Revelation; the time to accept Godís Salvation.

Are we now at the end of an age, when Godís ready to turn the page?
To turn the present page of history, in a way which all people will see!
A time, when all nations in this world, shall see a darker time unfurled,
The change appearing subtle at first, shall go down as historyís worst.

With Christís True Church removed, all the nations become behooved,
To deal with the changing time, not through Godís, but of their design,
By exalting one leader over all, the nations and peoples big and small,
Forcing all who dwell on the earth, to honor that man with divine worth.

This, while God continues His Plan, to deal with every nation and man,
As a world leader promises peace, God deals with Israel and enemies,
While Eternal God divinely wages war, from Heaven, like never before,
To rescue Israel from every nation, as prophesied in Godís Revelation.

So, are you really ready dear friend, when this Age comes to and end?
Are you ready for what comes before, God on grace, closes the door?
As The Lord God raptures everyone, who belongs to His Beloved Son,
Saved, through Godís only Salvation, from the wrath of the Tribulation.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)