Worshippers by God are sought, from the souls He has bought,
Every believer bought by Christ, to worship throughout their life;
The worship that God does seek, is more than just once a week,
Itís far beyond a weekly throng, of believers lifting up their song.

Worship is not in part, but whole, all oneís mind, body, and soul,
Weíre to worship in spirit and Truth, with active worship as proof,
Worshipfully seeking Godís face, this, at any time and any place,
Truly lifting up our heart to Him, with worshipful intent not a whim.

We worship any time or hour, compelled by love and Holy power.
As we truly lift up our heart to God, anywhere on this earthly sod,
Lifting up Worship to The Lord, worthy to be praised and adored,
For all that The Lord God has done, in giving to us His Only Son.

Our worship is for every nation, a worshipful praise for Salvation,
Godís Salvation, offered to us, through The Savior, Christ Jesus,
Worshipfully telling Salvationís story, all to the Lord Godís Glory,
Thinking on Him, we truly rejoice, lifting up praise, with one voice.

Compared to God weíre quite small, so we worship Christ in awe,
Bowing our hearts in humbleness, as we extol His Righteousness,
For he had left His Eternal Throne, to redeem us as His very Own,
So, we go on in worshipful praise, throughout all our earthly days.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)