It is The Lord God who chooses, every doctor that He uses,
To treat the cancer deep in me, to heal my dreaded infirmity;
And with allowing each procedure, this for certain, I am sure,
Granting grace along the way, for every single hospital stay.

He directs my path with grace, dictating every doctorís pace,
Never allowing what might be, controlling what is best for me,
When His providence did override, the procedure was denied,
Surely not the docís first choice, God trumps the docís voice.

Such has been the way of God, on this present journey I trod,
Along the journey with my wife, while in the autumn of our life,
A journey that wasnít our choice, but, in God we could rejoice,
For God holds us in His hand, in times difficult to understand.

With another procedure behind, we in God had peace of mind,
With Godís peace in our heart, knowing Christ wouldnít depart,
Who, is that light upon our path, through all and any aftermath,
We, not knowing whatís ahead, lean upon Jesus Christ instead.

With more ahead down the road, God will help lighten our load,
As we cast all burdens to Him, Christ gives us His peace within,
And with decisions yet to be made, at His feet they can be laid,
While we lean upon Jesus Christ, through all the trials in our life.

(Copyright ©01/2012 Bob Gotti)