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The Circle Technique

The Circle Technique - by Sebastian Steele

They say that the average man thinks about sex 50% of the time. (I have no idea what they waste the other 50% on). If you're going to be meeting lots of women, you should also know how to kick ass in the bedroom... and I'm going to teach you how... right now!

I tell ya, after being with many MANY women, one thing I'm quite used to hearing by now is how great the sex was, and how much they LOVED this one little technique that I did on them. Some have even tried to teach their new lovers how to do it, but with no success (this is why it's smart to stay on good screwing terms with your ex girlfriends).

Anyway, so what's the big deal about "The Circle Technique"? Actually, I should have named it the Guaranteed Orgasm technique, because that's what it does over 95% of the time! It gives women an orgasm SO easily, and SO FAST that they won't know what hit them.

Enough bragging though, let's get to the technique. Here's the secret:

Just having intercourse is not enough!

"Okay, what does THAT mean Sebastian... is this just a call for more foreplay?". Nope, but here's the deal. When you are having intercourse with her, you must also stimulate her clitoris at the same time!

Now you might be wondering how the heck you're supposed to do THAT without bending yourself into a pretzel. Actually it's very simple once you know how. And you're just gonna have to read my description, because I'm not taking a picture of me performing this move! (besides, you wouldn't want to see THAT picture!).

Okay pay attention, because class is in session. Here's what you do.

First, get into the traditional "Missionary Style" position. (that means you're on top of her, in between her legs). Got that part down right? Okay, onward.

Okay, now here's where the fancy stuff comes in (actually it's not that fancy). Lean forward, so that most of your weight is being put on your right shoulder. That way, your left arm is free to move around without being used to hold yourself up.

Next, take your left hand and stick it STRAIGHT down your body, so that it's near your penis. DON'T try and go around the outside of her thighs. Stay INSIDE the thighs by sticking your hand straight down your body, and towards your penis. And remember, you're doing this while your penis is already inside her.

Okay, if you got this far, then the rest is going to be easy. Now take your left elbow, and BEND it out to the left, so that your hand is pretty much flat against her ass. Your arm should still be inside and now UNDERNEATH her thigh.

Now with your hand resting on her ass, and her legs up in the air a little (not on your shoulders though, that can be a pain.. just her her put her legs up a little), just use the PAD of your left middle finger (the soft part, where your finger prints are), and rub her clitoris in a circular motion WHILE you are thrusting in and out with your penis.

Are you starting to see how this works? You're rubbing her clitoris SOFTLY in a circular motion while you are having intercourse with her. If you start doing this after a couple minutes of regular intercourse, I guarantee that she will love it, and will more than likely let you know it with the noises she makes.

I'm going to talk to some models and see if I can get you a picture, or better yet... a little mini-video clip of how to do this technique. It's probably the single most important intercourse technique I have learned, and it almost always works.

Here's a few more things I want you to know about taking a woman to bed:

This isn't a replacement for intimacy and foreplay, it's an enhancement to intercourse.

No technique is a substitute for foreplay. Just because you can make a woman orgasm easily during intercourse doesn't mean you should ignore the other fun things you can do, like going down on a woman, and touching her softly for a while, and getting her turned on.

What to do when she starts to have an orgasm.

When a woman orgasms, I like to make sure I have my right hand behind her head. Why? Because a lot of times, when she orgasms, she wants to hold onto you tight and squeeze you really hard.

It turns her on even more if you can squeeze her firmly back (remember, softly but firmly). With your hand on the back of her head, use your right arm and elbow area to give her a squeeze while she's just starting her orgasm, and hold her firmly throughout the whole orgasm. I know women love this.

What to do after sex that makes all the difference in the world.

After you orgasm, lay next to her, and put your arm around her and let her rest her head on your chest while you hold her. Many men forget that a woman feels even more turned on, and even closer to you after she orgasms... while men often feel the need to get away from the woman. Make it a habit to lay with her, and talk to her for a while about something fun or funny. THIS special time will either make or break your intimate relationship, and will determine if she's fully satisfied by you or not. You can satisfy a woman physically, but if you don't connect with her emotionally and mentally, she will feel unfulfilled. So after sex, relax and just BE with her. There's nowhere to go, just enjoy it.

Look, you just gave her the ride of her life. Let her bask in her glow, and tell her how great she was to be with. If she does something specific that you like, compliment her on it. Keep "constructive criticism" for another time. Never talk about what you didn't like immediately after sex.

Always compliment her on what she did really well, and she'll try hard to please you. And you should do the same if she compliments you (which she will after using The Circle Technique).

Closing thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this special report. If you have any questions about how to do The Circle Technique, or just some general questions... please email me.

This is not some "pie in the sky" amateur sex trick. This technique works wonders, and I use it literally every time I have sex, and women love me for it. And they will love YOU for it too!

This article is a short clip from my latest book, Simple Seducer. If you enjoyed this article then you should stop by my web site and learn more about the book... it may just be exactly what you've been looking for!

By Sebastian Steele Author : Simple Seducer

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