Role Reversal Thought Transmission Strategy Role Reversal Thought Transmission Strategy
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Role Reversal Thought Transmission Strategy

Let's say you are sitting on a park bench with a beautiful woman. She is totally hot and you want to start to chat with her, to ask her out.

Most guys would just look over with that cocky grin, or even worse, that look of terror like a deer caught in the headlights of a car at night, and to the best of their ability say something along the lines of: “Hey, How you doing? Listen, if you're free this Saturday night, how 'bout the two of us going out to dinner together? We could maybe have a really good time or something?”

Ding!!!! Wrong! Odds are way less than 5% that they will get the date or even a phone number from this babe. Women need to be slowly warmed up to speed, they aren't always walking around like a giant “Horn-Dawg,” ready to “F” all the time like us guys are. They need to be “Regulated” with care and patience.

Women say they make up their mind whether or not they are going to go with a guy, even if it is eventually, as in the minds of the “Good Girls,” in the first 12 seconds of their taking notice of you. This means, if you are doing the “Role Reversal Technique” and you get her to look at you, and she gives you an instant brush off, you simply ain't getting any. Or similarly, after 12 seconds she replies with no clear sign of appreciation for what she has just experienced by taking you in, then it's over. Move on!

So here's the best way to play this technique, covering all your bases, ensuring the greatest opportunity for success, without wasting a lot of precious time. Sit down next to the woman that you are interested in and immediately say “Hi, how you doing?” while looking her directly in the eyes for about 2 seconds, no more, or she instantly thinks you are a “Dangerous Psycho Freak,” and the game is over before it starts!

Smile again but now break off the eye contact. Turn to look at something else of interest, after all you are interested and like what you see, but you are a confident person, and are used to being surrounded by hot chicks all the time, right? So remember, smile, say hello, look her in the eyes for 2 seconds, break the glance, look away, but maintain the smile on your face.

Calmly survey the surrounding area, and wait for some kind of immediate response from her. If her reaction is anything less than totally enthusiastic, or a least reasonably open and perhaps playing coy, but showing signs of sincere interest, then you immediately withdraw your attention from her completely, as if she is simply not there. I mean you totally back off, as if you're not even the slightest bit interested at all.

This officially puts the ball into motion. The game has now, to all intents and purposes, begun! While you appear to be reading your magazine or watching the people walk by, you will begin the “Role Reversal Thought Transmission Strategy!”

This technique is cleverly performed quietly inside your mind. But don't ever underestimate the power of its pull and force! You start to send your short, sharp signal, subconsciously towards her, but an important point of serious differentiation needs to be observed here...

Excerpt taken from Hypno Date.

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