Princess Diana Sent One To James Hewitt! Princess Diana Sent One To James Hewitt!
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Princess Diana Sent One To James Hewitt!

Princess Diana Sent One To James Hewitt!

Prince Diana did it to James Hewitt. The Duke of Windsor did to the Duchess. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is famous for doing it. What they have in common is that they all sent passionate love letters.

Are you tired of sending canned greeting cards to that special someone in your life? Talk about BORING! Well, YOU don't have to be. Do you want to do something unique and fun when you send your love? Yes? There's a new website that will help you say “I Love You” with passion, in less than 3 minutes!

It has dozens of originally written love letters and emails that you can send instantly, without having to write a single word! You can send or e-mail the letters as they are, or add your own words and paragraphs.

Don't send boring old greeting cards anymore, when you can send cool love letters!

At the fraction of the cost of buying greeting cards, you could be sending your lover fabulous love letters. You'll find the entire collection of Love Letters by clicking here.

Best wishes.


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