Are you seriously fed up with the repeated rejections for sex in your relationship? Are you seriously fed up with the repeated rejections for sex in your relationship?
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Are you seriously fed up with the repeated rejections for sex in your relationship?

Attention: Guys who are tired of their partners  turning them down for sex

"Are you seriously fed up with the repeated rejections for sex in your relationship?"

Warning: If you don't end the rejections they will get worse. Keep reading so that you can discover the Secret Info that the top experts do not even know exist! And after you discover this Secret Info, you are going to understand exactly why the rejections will get worse.

Dear Friend,

There is a lot more happening when she rejects you for sex.

Do you have any idea what is really happening when she turns you down for sex?

And what I mean is what is happening when the woman you love turns you down for sex consistently - night after night. So let's say you are looking at your lovely lady and the thought enters your head:

"She's looking good. I want to have sex with her." This has happening plenty of times.

But when you go to approach her sex (most of the time), she gives you some BS excuse explaining why she doesn't want you. By the way, women aren't even using the "I gotta headache" excuse anymore. That's too popular and well known. Her rejections have evolved.

They are more clever.

They are more intelligent.

They are more convincing.

There is a lot more happening than you can imagine.

Here is the simple part (and then we'll get to the Secret Info in a second):

The simple part is that you know she is lying. Does that help the situation? Deep down inside you know that she doesn't want sex and she is trying to figure out a way to get out of it. And after she tells you "NO, I don't want sex from you" you end up thinking:

"Why doesn't she want to have sex with me?"

Then it will be clear:

"She doesn't want to have sex with me."

But you do have the real reasons. You don't have a clue what's really going on.

And then you will get confused, frustrated and angry.  This has happened plenty of times. And the anger and confusion doesn't go away easily. And it will keep happening over and over and over again.

By the way, some women will even give you a Long Term Rejection . This is not good. This is a rejection that not only tells you that you won't be getting any that night , but it let's you know that you won't be getting any for the next couple of nights, too. And she'll go through great effort to make you think this excuse is real.

Earlier you were told that if you don't end the rejections, they will get worse. And this is something that I just decided to make up. And you better learn this Secret Info right now, because no one is talking about it and it seems as though no one even knows it exists - not even the well respected experts!

So in your mind, you think she is not in the mood or she is mad at you or she is trying to punish you or whatever.

The main message that is clear in head as you suffer rejection after rejection:

She doesn't want to have sex with.

I got news for you:

It's much worse than this

And I'm going to tell you exactly why.

But before I do, isn't it obvious what is happening?

Guess what? You are not alone. This happens to millions and millions of men. And it is happening to some man right now. Just as you read this a baby boy was born and it will happen to him when he gets older.

Imagine being in a very large dark empty room with four doors on each wall. You are in the middle of the room on your knees and everything is pitch-black. As you crawl to one of the doors, you go through and notice that you are in an identical room except the lights are on. But seconds later, the lights go out, so you begin to crawl to another door. The lights are on and then they go out. The same thing keeps happening over and over again.

Wouldn't you agree that that would be a cycle ?

Here is the deal: You are suffering repeated rejections, so you are in a cycle.

You are in a Cycle of Rejections.

And every time you do eventually have sex with her, that is the same as the light that stays on for a few seconds. Eventually the light will go out.

If you don't get out of this cycle, it will get worse and I'm going to tell you why in a second.

Once you understand what is really happening when you get rejected, you will know exactly why these rejections will get worse. The confusion will end.

Here's a hint: She doesn't even know what is really happening.

In fact, she may even get confused explaining to you why she doesn't want to have sex with you.

She may give you one reason one day. And then a totally different reason another day.

And do you know what would happens if you took out a stack of relationship books that would were stacked as high as your knees and read them all? Do you know what would happen?

You would waste your time!

You would learn some valuable information.

But overall you would waste your time.

They would cover everything BUT the Secret Info.

One day I obsessed over whether they just didn't know about this discovery or they knew but just wasn't telling (helping guys out). I've never been into conspiracies, but if they gave you the Secret Info chances are you wouldn't have to keep coming back to them.

But what difference does it make?

I will tell you this:

You are not alone. Millions of guys are suffering just like you are. Millions of guys are in the dark room maze. Millions of guys do not know what the hell is going on.

When I say It's worse than you think, I'm not just flapping off at the mouth.

This is what goes on. This is 100% real.

This problem leads to divorce, cheating, and deception. This problem affects innocent kids who grow up with their parents getting along.

Don't ever think for as a second a child doesn't know what is going on.

Before I explain to you why the rejections are going to get worse...

And before I let you in on the Secret Info that the "so called" experts are not talking about. I will tell you that millions of men are getting hot sex from the women they love consistently.

So by doing simple math, you know that there are two groups of men.

When I was working in sales, my co-worker Eddie did some unusual things. I remember one day this Asian woman in a business suit came in the store and he asked me what did I think of her. I said she's a knockout. And I wasn't lying to him, she was super sexy! That was an understatement. By the way, this is a true story.

He said "watch this" he walked up to her and gave her this weird glaze and then started kissing her very passionately. Obviously, I was mind-blown! Obviously my head was spinning. After they finally stopped kissing, he looked back at me as if to say "that's how you do it!"

Noticing that my jaw had just hit the floor, he busted out laughing and said let me introduce you to my wife?

And then they both started laughing. She was businesswomen of some sort and she had stopped by so that they could go to lunch together.

At the time, Eddie was a new guy but I felt like I known him for awhile. He was a nice guy that was really fun to be around. Here is where things get impressive:

And I have told this story to all of my friends.

This is what he told me about his relationship.

His intelligent, super hot wife makes 3 times the money he was making!

I'm not done.

Every day when he gets home from work, his super sexy wife greets him at the door with a mind-shattering blow job. It gets better. She then baths him and massages his feet and cooks him an awesome dinner. And later on in the evening they end up having steamy sex.

I'm not even going to get into the costume collection that his wife has!

By the way - He was one of the happiest guys I ever met!

Instead of being in a maze of dark endless rooms, Eddie is running through an open field of green fresh grass on a sunny day. Wouldn't you a agree.

I hope I've made it impossible to not to see the difference between guys like Eddie and guys who get rejected over and over again.

Here is the deal.

The math is very simple. There are two groups of guys.

The open field green grass guys: Guys in relationships that are happy with their sex life.

The dark endless room guys: Guys in relationships that are not happy with their sex life.

The Secret Info points you in the right direction. There is an efficient path you can follow. There is a magic door that leads to the open field. (That is an analogy)

The fact that you have read this far, means that you are already on the right path!

Do you know what a "harsh reality" is?

A harsh reality is one of those things things that you say that is so harsh but true, that when you say people will often look at you as the bad guy.

By the way, I have found the best way to educate and to inspire a person is through harsh realities - it forces you to increase your level of awareness.

Here is a harsh reality. Some men that are in the dark endless room group will go their entire life without ever learning this Secret Information!

The Secret Info is important because it allows you to get out of the dark room and into the open grassy field.

It is important that you see the clear difference between the two groups of men. If you do not see the difference, then re-read everything again until you get to back to This Point.

This Point!

After This Point we are going to start getting into some heavy stuff, so if you need a 5 minute break take it now and then come back extremely tuned in to every word.

Now take a deep breath and relax.

Because even though I am about to reveal why the rejections will get worse, it is important to know that you can change all of this. You can become happy with your sex life.

So I have some great news.

You can actually escape the cycle of rejections!

You can get out of the dark endless rooms.

The even greater news is that you made it to this page. You obviously did something right, because 99.99% of men that are dying to put an end to the endless rejections will never see this page in their entire life.

And why should you believe that you have made the right decision? Well you are about to discover the Secret info.

There is a reason why she rejects you for sex. But more importantly I want to show you how to get out of the Rejection Cycle. Imagine not ever feeling as though you are sexually starved. Imagine not ever hearing those phony reasons why she doesn't want sex from you! - ever again!

If you are serious about getting out of the Rejection Cycle, you can move from it to the Happy Sex Cycle.

The Rejection Cycle   
(rare sex where she is barely into it)                                  
For the most part : You are repulsing her                            

The Happy Sex Cycle
(consistent hi-energy sex)
For the most part : You are magnetizing her

STEP 1: You must believe that it is possible.

Keep in mind people go from one extreme to another all of the time.

People go from being poor to rich.

People go from being fat to skinny.

You can go from endless rejections to a happy sex life .

When you start getting the amount of sex you deserve , a whole new world opens up. Other great things start happening (besides the great steamy sex sessions). You become healthier. You become smarter. You become happier. You become friendlier.

You become more confident .

I am not making this up, it has been scientifically proven.  Remember: The act of sex between a loving couple is a bond between two loving people. If you are not getting the amount of sex you feel you deserve, then YOU WILL feel deprived - not just from sex, but from affection and love.
You are a human being. 

Humans need love and affection to be healthy and to be happy.
On top of that, you love her (you would do anything for her) so you are already doing great things for her. So the fact that you are not getting the affection is making you feel cheated. It is no mystery why many guys will suspect that their wives are cheating on them after a series of rejections. The good news is this doesn't mean she is cheating on you.

But some women will end up cheating. And once you know this Secret Info you'll understand why. But if she does eventually cheat on you, would you blame her?! Think about it - If she is just giving in to sex and doesn't enjoy it and only gives you sex to shut you up, is she really having sex? What if she told you to put it in for 6 strokes and then take it out and stop? (And I'm referring to inserting your penis into her vagina) Would you agree that that would not satisfy you? Would you agree that technically you did not have sex? Well if your wife rejects you a lot and the two of you rarely have sex and many times she just gives in - and many times she is not into it - then chances are she is not really having sex ! Think about it.

All over the world, there are guys that have been depriving their wives for years!
They have sex, but she doesn't.

You have already heard about the horrible image that some guys have in their heads. They come home to their loving wife (who claims to be not really in the mood lately) and they see some other guy (remember I said this: chances are very strong that it will be an ex-lover or a co-worker) screwing her brains out.

I was consulting a guy that said it is impossible for him to imagine another guy giving his wife a powerful orgasm!

By the way - and I'm jumping the gun a bit - but there is a psychological/emotional/instinctive reason why this guy can be horrible at sex, but she will still have explosive orgasms like a mad women when she haves sex with him.

Are you aware of this?

Women can come by thought alone!

Women can come by touch alone!

So when the other guy is giving her a powerful orgasm, in most cases she will think he is this amazing lover!

I learned about this dynamic a few years and I've a detailed case study on this dynamic.
Remember: Her cravings for sex happens as a result of a psychological, instinctive, and emotional reason. So all of this shouldn't shock you.

I'll get back to that, but let me continue for a second...

Remember I hinted at something powerful! I'm not sure if you picked up on it, but before I address it, I want to give you a few reasons why you should continue to listen to me (or read this - you know what I mean. LOL)

First I developed a system that allowed me to get out of the Rejection Cycle. Let me define that clearly - it is basically the cycle that many men are in, where they receive repeated rejections. And they are getting very little sex. When you are experiencing a rejection, it just eats away at you. This kind of pain does not go away easily. Why?

Think about it:

She just denied you of the funniest most pleasurable activities on earth!

She just rejected your affection.

She just rejected your manliness.

She just denied you an opportunity to please her.

She just rejected YOU.

I was personally in the Rejection Cycle at one time. The reason why that is important is because if someone was claiming to help you out of the rejection cycle and part of their credentials is them saying "I was always good with women. And I never was rejected by a women before" then they are not qualified to help you.

Good for them. But they can not help you.

Why because they haven't been where you are right now.

If wanted to learn how to become rich - I'm assuming that you would follow the advice of someone that went from being poor to rich, over the advice of someone that was born rich.

Do you see the difference?

Nevertheless there are tons of "How to Become Rich" books written by guys that were born rich. And the masses are buying them up like crazy.

It's one of the many illusions that are out there.

I created a small report that documented a theory I wanted to test. But even before I created this report -- oh, yeah this is the first time I ever mentioned this. I have help hundreds get out of the rejection cycle and none of them have ever heard exactly how this whole thing got start -- I analyzed my past.

I'm not perfect by any means - there are plenty of things I like to get better at, but one thing I can say with certainty is that I have always been a extremely gifted at recognizing patterns - since I was only two years old I was told I did some pretty impressive things. But never the less some things still slip by me just like any one else - so this gift only works when I focus it on something...

I'm not saying this to brag - that would not benefit you at all -- but I do want to continue to give you solid reasons why you should continue to listen to me. This is important because anyone can create a website and start blabbing away and making claims. So I am relying on your ability to detect that I know what I am talking about. I am not some 14 year old kid in the basement talking nonsense.

I can only hope that you can detect my sincerity, honesty and passion for helping others

So to continue,

Main Reason  #1:  I do possess an amazing ability to recognize complex patterns. I'm an Analytical Genius. Because of this skill, I was contracted to work with the US Army Research Lab as an specialist who created high power signal processing algorithms as an electrical engineer. This is important to you because I think this analytical skill has allow me to make some unique discoveries that is going to help you out.

Main Reason  #2: I became #1 in sales for a multimillion dollar company (Note: I was the youngest salesman in the company. I was probably the least trained. And I know for a fact that I was the least knowledgeable, because I knew zero about the product. (long story) I don't think I was as Charismatic as Eddie, but I was the number # 1 salesman in the nation for this company.

This is important to you because my major sales philosophy can be applied directly to helping you get out of the Rejection Cycle.

Main Reason  #3: There were several cases in my past where I was around women and as things moved on they attacked me in a sexually aggressive way. I thought "where in the hell did that come from!?" (i.e. the burst of sexual energy). This is important to you because I have made unique discoveries in those cases to conclude that they weren't just random acts of sexual aggression. I actually unknowingly did things to allow that to happen. So before I created the 3 page report, I thought about the three Main Reasons and I told myself that "I should be able to figure out how to get a woman who loves me and finds me attractive to want sex with me more!"

Now, sex was great in the beginning, so I told myself why couldn't it be like it was in the beginning?

The the day came when I tested it out:

Holy $%@%# it's working!!!

I then created the report (3 pages of notes) for myself - to remind myself to follow this procedure if I was to ever slip back into the Rejection Cycle. And when say it worked I am not referring to just getting sex - I'm talking about getting it consistently. When I was in the Rejection Cycle, I got sex, but it just didn't happen enough.

I read relationship books. They were garbage (I believe that those PhDs did not have the right kind of experience & insight with women to be giving advice in some cases)

I read Seduction books. They just made me bust out in laughter!

This 3 page report was where it was at. I had some Secret Info. I had the formula to escape the Rejection Cycle.

Hint: Any man can do it!

Then I realized that I could help the world with this info.
If you decide you want to end the rejections, here is the good news. It is possible. You must believe that it is possible. One of things you are going to hear me talk about in exhausting detail is the importance of believing it is possible.

I know guys that think it is impossible to ever change their situation. These guys have no hope, because of this.

Remember there have been plenty of poor people that have become rich. So you must believe that it is possible to go from one extreme to the next.

You have already traveling down the right path if you have made it this far. There will be guys that won't believe there is hope.

I can not do anything about this.

If you are seriously ready to get out of the rejection cycle then, I urge you to take action and starting reading this report.

In Super Sex Power: Magnetism (the 160 page book that is the evolved version of the 3 page Rejection Report), you will discover how to get out of the Rejection Cycle, when you get to that section, I URGE you to slow down and really absorb that section.

You may think it is silly, but it works.

As far as the Secret Info, it comes down to sexual value.

STEP 2: Increase Your Sexual Value.

If you are ready to end the rejections, then I recommend you read Super Sex Power: Magnetism.

It is impossible for most psychologists to provide you with this Secret Info, because they have not had the experiences that lead to the discover. Keep this in mind - some of the stuff they say is valuable on a certain level, but the part that really matters to you they are not talking about.

The bottom line is you need her to be magnetized to you.

You need sexual value.

The reason the rejections will get worse is because she is developing a habit (through repetition_ of rejecting you for sex. In case that doesn't make sense, then what if I told you that you are training her unconscious mind to reject you.

That means deep down inside she will "feel" as though you are repulsive (the opposition of magnetism). That means deep down inside she will find you repulsive.

This may take awhile to really sink in.

With each rejection you will lose sexual value.

What does that mean?

It means she is going to reject you more, because you are going to obsess over how you should approach her.

Before I continue let's go over what the average guy does when he keeps getting rejected. See if you can figure out why his logic is completely wrong.

Mistake #1: Trying to learn to be an awesome lover. Here is why the thinking is flawed. The guy thinks if he puts on a world class performance she will want it all the time. It doesn't matter how good you are in bed if you are a lousy sexual salesmen she will not buy it. There is a such thing as poor salesmanship. A poor salesman couldn't sell hundred dollar bills for a 50 cents. Trust me, I've seen poor salesman in action. And many cases they will talk them selves out of the sale. They end up convincing the person not to buy. Keep this in mind: SEX is the product and SEDUCTION (or the word I like to use is SEXUALLY INSPIRE) is the process of selling the product. I'll give you another example. I could be thinking about eating a bacon cheeseburger from a certain fast food restaurant. I know it tastes great because I had it before, but I'm not inspired to eat it. But when I see the commercial (which seduces me), I suddenly have a strong urge to have it - and as a result I will hop in my car and drive out there to get it. So it wouldn't matter too much if they kept trying to make the burger better and better and better. So that is the mistake that some guys make. They try to improve the product (i.e sex or the burger), but NOT the more important selling process.

Mistake #2: Focusing on how you should approach her. Here is why the thinking is flawed. The guy thinks that he has to approach her a certain way and then then she will accept him. He is partially right. But the fact he focuses his mental energy on figuring out what the approach is instead of working on increasing his sexual value makes him completely wrong. If you have little sexual value it doesn't matter how you approach her.  That's like saying what would an 900lb women have to do to get you in the mood? If she has no sexual to you, then the answer is nothing. Imagine if you saw her obsessing over how to approach you for sex. That is actually the perfect analogy because guys are more physically turned on and women are turned on psychologically turned on. Wouldn't you agree that in order for her to increase her sexual value she would has to change in some way. (i.e lose weight or something).

Mistake #3: Trying to give her pills/herbs to make her horny. Here is why the thinking is flawed. If you have no sexual value then it doesn't matter if the pills succeed in getting her horny. This actually work against in some cases. Here's the deal, if she gets horny and you have no sexual value, then she would rather masturbate than to have sex with you. And the reason why it could work against you over the long run is because if she is always in a horny state then the guys that have sexual value in her eyes are the ones that are going to be more appealing - over time. Does that make sense? Let's say we lived in a world where a pig could talk and interact with you, but they still had the sexual value of a regular pig. Let's say this pig gave you (secretly or non-secretly) 2 pills of HERBAL-X ROCK HARD. These pills had 90000mg of Yohimbe and 90000mg of Ginseng, and seconds you up in the air (approx 5 degrees away from your belly) would you screw the pig if you became super aroused? The answer is no. (ok) The pig has no sexual value. So in order for you to screw the pig, it would have to increase his sexual value. It would have to maybe put on some fishnet stockings or something.

Let's move on.

Mistake #4: Asking her to explain why she is not in the mood? Here is why the thinking is flawed. She doesn't know. She knows what she is consciously attracted to (i.e the nice guy that does nice things) but she doesn't know what she is unconsciously attracted to. She doesn't know what moves her on a deep down level. Here's an example. If you asked a person that just gave up on diet why he is no longer on the diet, he is not going to give the real (deep down) answer. However, he will give you the false (surface) answer and he may believe this is the truth but it's not the truth. It's false. His surface answer will be the diet failed, or that was a dumb diet - something like that. But the real (deep down) reason is because he may have never believed he could succeed in the first place. He may have had no hope. He may have to increase his will-power. He may not have been serious about solving his problem.

But why is it worse than I thought?

Oh that wasn't enough! Well here you go - if you are not doing the things to increase your sexual value then it is rapidly decreasing and I'll explain why?

Imagine being on a date with a 900lb women. She has no sexual value but she is a nice girl who is fun to be around. But all of the sudden she goes into "I want sex from you" mode. And you are thinking "oh no" I got to come up with an excuse. The whole time you are thinking I gotta get out of here! She is no longer fun. But imagine being around her even more as she pursues you. Would you get angrier as time went on? Isn't this bad tension? Isn't this stress? Isn't this not relaxing? Wouldn't it be much more relaxing to be around someone that was fun, since she is no longer fun. Wouldn't you just naturally move towards someone that was more fun to be around? Wouldn't the new fun person, appear to be even more fun, the more the 900lb woman stressed you out?

Are you aware of the point to all of this.

If you have no sexual value, you are advertising and making other guys more appealing as time goes on.

This is a harsh reality.

I hope you enjoyed the report. If you want to learn the Secret Info about increasing your sexual value, then I recommend you read

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